Programa Científico


OCTOBER 19, 2018

7:50-8:00h - OPENING REMARKS

8:00-9:30h - HEART AND BRAIN

Moderators: Mateus do Rosário (BA) e Mariana Andrade (BA)
8:00-8:15h - Cardioembolic Stroke: Scope, Etiologies and Uncertainties - Viviane Flumignan Zétola (PR)
8:15-8:30h - Paradoxical Embolism Other than Stroke - Eustaquio Maria Onorato (ITALY)
8:30-8:45h - Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source (ESUS) and Cryptogenic Stroke: Definition and Diagnostic Work-up - Viviane Flumignan Zétola (PR)
8:45-9:00h - Pharmacologic Agents to prevent Stroke and Systemic Embolism in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation and PFO: Evidence and Real-World Practices
Daniel Peralta (RJ)
9:00-9:15h - OAC Contraindications: the Obvious and the not so Obvious - Celso Musa Correa (RJ)
9:15-9:30h - Discussion

9:30-10:00h - CONFERENCE I (LAA)

Moderator: Adriano Dourado (BA)
"The Past, Present and Future of LAA Occlusion" -  Yat-Yin Lam (HONG KONG)

10:00-10:30h -COFFEE BREAK

10:30-11:00h - LIVE CASE #1 – LAA – WATCHMAN FILTER

Moderator: Valério Fuks (RJ)
Live Center Coordinator:  Francisco Chamié (RJ)
Operators: Shephal Doshi ( USA) e Ênio E. Guérios (PR)
Echocardiographer: João Carlos Tress (RJ) e Angele Mattoso (BA)
Pannel:  Yat-Yin Lam (HONG KONG), Claudio Munhoz (RJ)  e Daniel Peralta (RJ)

11:00-12:45h - LAA AND PFO BASICS

Moderators: Jorge Torreão Filho (BA) e Fábio Soares (BA)
11:00-11:15h - Anatomy Directed to Percutaneous Occlusion of the LAA - Valério Fuks (RJ)
11:15-11:30h - Imaging the LAA: TTE, TEE, 3D-Echo, ICE - Maximiliano Lacoste (RJ)
11:30-11:45h - Imaging the LAA: CT, MRI - Marcelo Nacif ( SP)
11:45-12:00h - Osirix Tutorial - Marcelo Nacif (SP)
12:00-12:15h - Understanding PFO: Embriology, Anatomy, Prevalence - Adriano Dourado (BA)
12:15-12:30h - Imaging the PFO: TTE, TEE, 3D-Echo, ICE - João Carlos Tress (RJ)
12:30-12:45h - Discussion

12:45-13:45h - LUNCH BREAK


Moderator: Juliana Neves (PE)
Live Center Coordinator: Daniel Peralta (RJ)
Operators: Eustaquio Maria Onorato (ITALY) e Raul Rossi (RS)
Echocardiographer: Maximiliano Lacoste (RJ) e Fábio Soares (BA)
Pannel: Rodrigo Nieckel Costa (SP), Rômulo Torres (PR) e Francisco Chamié (RJ)

14:15-14:45h - CONFERENCE II (PFO)

Moderators:  Celso Musa Correa (RJ)
WHAT 2017 TRIALS TAUGHT US - José Airton Arruda (ES)


Moderators: Paulo Barbosa (BA) e Luiz Ritt (BA)
14:45-15:00h - Platipnea -Orthodeoxia: Diagnosis & Physiology - Santiago Raul Arrieta (SP)
15:00-15:15h - PFO in Divers & High-Altitude Climbers - José Airton Arruda (ES)
15:15-15:30h - Weighting the Risks vs Benefits of LAA Closure vs Oral Anticoagulation - Gilson Feitosa (BA)
15:30-15:45h - PFO and Long-Term Stroke Risk After Non-Cardiac Surgery - Mateus do Rosário (BA)
15:45-16:00h - Quality of Life: Clinical Endpoint We Forget to Consider - Celso Musa Correa (RJ)
16:00-16:15h - Discussion

16:15-16:45h - COFFEE BREAK

16:45-17:15h - LIVE CASE #3 – LAA – LAmbre Device

Moderator: Ênio E. Guérios (PR)
Live Center Coordinator: Daniel Peralta (RJ)
Operators: Yat-Yim Lam (HONG KONG) e Francisco Chamié (RJ)
Echocardiographer: João Carlos Tress (RJ) e Lucia Duarte (BA)
Pannel: Fabio Sandoli de Brito Junior (SP), Marcos Juliano de Abreu (SC) e Flávio Roberto Oliveira (PE)


Moderators: Claudio Munhoz (RJ) e Maurício Lyra (BA)
17:15-17:30h - Adequate and Safe Transeptal Puncture: Every Case is Equal? - Shephal Doshi (USA)
17:30-17:45h - Peridevice Leaks and Incomplete Coverage of LAA - Valério Fuks (RJ)
17:45-18:00h - How to Prevent and Manage Most Frequent Complications - Ênio E. Guérios (PR)
18:00-18:15h - Discussion

18:15h - ADJOURN

OCTOBER 20, 2018


Moderators: Valerio Fuk (RJ) s e Eduardo Benchimol Saad (RJ)
8:00- 8:15h - Watchman Filter – What to measure, How to Choose, Advantages and Contraindications - Shephal Doshi (USA)
8:15-8:30h - Watchman Filter - Evidences Available - Eduardo Benchimol Saad (RJ)
8:30- 8:45h - Amplatzer Cardiac Plug – What to measure, How to Choose, Advantages and Contraindications - Francisco Chamié (RJ)
8:45-9:00h - Amplatzer Cardiac Plug - Evidences Available – Flávio Roberto Oliveira (PE)
9:00–9:15h - LAmbre Device - What to measure, How to Choose, Advantages and Contraindications – Yat – Yin Lam (HONG KONG)
9:15-9:30h - LAmbre - Evidences Available

9:30-10:00h - LIVE CASE #4 – PFO – MEMOPART - LEPU

Moderator: Roberto Max Lopes(MG)
Live Center Coordinator: Rômulo Torres (PR)
Operators: Raul Rossi (RS) e Adriano Dourado (BA)
Echocardiographer: Maximiliano Lacoste (RJ) e Lúcia Duarte (BA)
Pannel: Daniel Peralta (RJ),  José Carlos Brito (BA) e Santiago Raul Arrieta (SP)

10:00-10:30h - COFFEE BREAK

10:30-11:00h - THINKING OUT OF THE BOX

Moderators: Lucas Holanda  (BA)
10:30 – 10:45h - LAA Closure in Cases of Persistent LAA Thrombus: Is It Possible? Is It Safe? - Yat – Yin Lam (HONG KONG)
10:45 – 11:00h - Other Off-Label Indications for LAA Closure – Fábio S. Brito Jr (SP)

11:00-12:30h - PFO - TIPS & TRICKS

Moderators: José Airton Arruda (ES) e Joberto Sena (BA)
11:00-11:15h - Balloon Measurement: To Do or Not to Do - Juliana Neves (PE)
11:15-11:30h - Is Anatomy-Specific Approach to Device Selection Needed In Complex PFOs? - Eustaquio Maria Onorato (ITALY)
11:30-11:45h - How to Manage: Atrial Septal Aneurysm and Lipomatous Atrial Septum - Santiago Raul Arrieta (SP)
11:45-12:00h - How to Manage: Long Tunnel PFOs – Is Transeptal Puncture Really Necessary? - Rodrigo Nieckel Costa (SP)
12:00-12:15h - How to Manage: Multifenestrated Septum / Multiple Defects - Raul Rossi (RS)
12:15-12:30h - Discussion

12:30-13:15h - LUNCH BREAK


Moderator: Marcos Juliano de Abreu (SC)
Live Center Coordinator: Rômulo Torres (PR)
Operators: Ênio E. Guérios (PR) e Francisco Chamié (RJ)
Echocardiographer: João Carlos Tress (RJ)  e  Fábio Soares (BA)
Pannel: Valério Fuks (RJ), Eduardo Benchimol Saad (RJ) e Yat - Yin Lam (HONG KONG)


Moderators: José Carlos de Brito (BA) e Nilson Ramos (BA)
13:45–14:00 - Is Nickel Allergy a Definitive Contraindication To Nitinol Device PFO Closure? - Roberto Max Lopes (MG)
14:00-14:15h - Device Thrombus – Does it Exist? - Juliana Neves (PE)
14:15-14:30h - Erosions – When it Should be Considered - Rodrigo Nieckel Costa (SP)
14:30-14:45h - How To Deal With Residual Shunt After PFO Closure: Case Series - Eustaquio Maria Onorato (ITALY)
14:45-15:00h - Discussion
15:00-15:30h - COFFEE BREAK

15:30-16:00h - LIVE CASE #6 – PFO – CERA PFO OCCLUDER

Moderator: Raul Rossi (RS)
Live Center Coordinator: Ênio E. Guérios (PR)
Operators: Francisco Chamié (RJ) e Adriano Dourado (BA)
Echocardiographer: Maximiliano Lacoste (RJ) e Angele Mattoso (BA)
Pannel: Rodrigo Nieckel Costa (SP), Roberto Max Lopes (MG) e Eustaquio Maria Onorato (ITALY)

16:00 – 18:00h - CONTROVERSIES

Moderators: Mário Rocha (BA)  e Luis Magalhães (BA)
16:00-16:15h - What is the Best Anticoagulation Regimen After LAA Occlusion - Claudio Munhoz (RJ)
16:15-16:30h - Causes, Incidence and Management of Device Thrombus - Ênio E. Guérios (PR)
16:30-16:45h - Simultaneous AF Ablation and LAA Occlusion - Shephal Doshi (USA)
16:45-17:00h - What is the Real impact of AF after PFO device Closure - Roberto Max Lopes (MG)
17:00-17:15h - Paradoxical Embolism in Children and Elderly Patients - Santiago Raul Arrieta (SP)
17:15-17:30h - PFO and Migraine - Thiago Fukuda (BA)
17:30-17:45h - Is there a Role for PFO Closure as Primary Prevention for Paradoxical Embolism - Raul Rossi (RS)
17:45-18:00h - Discussion


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